Columbian Players announce Winter Show

The Columbian Players of Saint Joseph’s College will present Agatha Christie’s Classic mystery Thriller The Mousetrap on February 2,3,4 at 7:30 in the College Theatre. Admission is $5.00 with children under 12 and SJC students, Faculty and Staff admitted free.

The Mousetrap is the longest running show of any type in the world. The play opened in November of 1952 and has been playing in London ever since amassing a record 26,000 performances in its 65 year run. The play takes place in Monkswell Manor where a young couple, Giles and Molly Ralston, are starting up a guest house in the old manor which Molly inherited from an aunt. On the very day the guest house is to open, there is a winter storm which traps the Ralstons and their guests, an odd young architect named Christopher Wren, Mrs. Boyle, a stern former Magistrate, Major Metcalf, a retired army officer, a young woman, Miss Casewell, and a mysterious stranger, Mr. Paravicini, whose car has run into a ditch and must stay at the manor.

As the guests settle in, they learn of the murder in London of a former resident of the area who was involved in a case of child abuse which had resulted in the death of a young boy. Each of the guests either were involved with the case or might be the siblings of the deceased boy. Into this intrigue comes Sgt. Trotter, a police detective who was able to ski to the manor to investigate the possibility that the killer had come to Monkswell Manor. As a second murder happens at the Manor, each person at the manor is a suspect. Who is the murderer? Come join the Columbian Players on February 2,3,4 at 7:30 pm to find out.

The cast includes freshman Kayla Shoaff as Molly Ralston, freshman Brett Previdi as Giles Ralston, freshman Brian Vidal as Christopher Wren, sophomore Kayla Gustafson as Mrs. Boyle, junior John Irak as Major Metcalf, Freshman Brianna Velasco as Miss Casewell, senior Marten Moreno as Mr. Paravicini and senior Jake McCoy as Sgt. Trotter.

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