Who’s the Cast? Who’s the Cast?!

We are pleased to announce the Cast list for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

Cast List

Narrator Kendal Ford

Joseph Peyton Webb

Jacob Bob Sagendorf

Brothers Jay Covill, Jared Huber, Joah Huber, Josiah Huber, Rick Mangas, Ote Wood, Caleb Ford, Elizabeth Gray, Vandaline Baker

Wives Addy Knakiewicz, Elaina Knakiewicz, Lily Martin, Catherine Moran, April Potts, Barbara Slade, Vandaline Baker, Angel Zenner, Caity Webb

Potiphar Ron Jordan

Mrs. Potiphar Caity Webb

Guard Kynon Sell, Mylissa Mattocks

Cook Angel Zenner

Butler Jared Huber

Pharaoh Phil Nagel

Potiphar & Pharaoh Court Addy Knakiewicz, Elaina Knakiewicz, Anna Huber, Lily Martin, Angel Zenner, Caity Webb (Pharaoh Court only)

Children’s’ Chorus Zion Bronson, Brynn Hannon, Aleah Huber, Jedidiah Huber, Jeremiah Huber, Maddie Martin, Braedy Martin

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